The Urinals of AeroJet (South Dade)

This abaondoned building used to house a rocket propulsion research lab owned by AeroJet (South Dade). The building is located near Homestead, FL.

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This picture was sent in by MCB. He writes: "[The building is located] in extreme southern Dade County [Florida], in fact it's about 300 yards from the [border of the Everglades National Park]... "

"Back in the space race of the 1960's NASA was looking at new solid rocket fuel boosters. AeroJet was placing a bid in for the contract to test the feasibility, and possibly manufacture these units. In fact, a canal was built (which crosses the 18 mile stretch of US1 between Homestead and Key Largo, theres an abandoned draw bridge above this canal) to allow passage of these rockets via barge to Cape Canavral. AeroJet decided on this location in extreme south Dade County because at the time no one lived with in several miles, meaning the noise of testing would go unheard by residents. Not much is known about this place or what happened to their contract, but apparently (from what I've heard)they either lost the contract or they found solid rocket fuel to be impractical for space travel. Rumors state that the DEA used these warehouses and buildings for field operations until 1992's Hurricane Andrew ravaged southern Dade County. The buildings were never repaired and abandoned. The property is now owned by the South Florida Water Management District (the agency that governs the water flow canals and the Everglades) and is fairly well locked up. By luck, someone had cut a large hole in the fenced off entrance to the main compound which is how I gained access and took these pictures. The feeling there is extremely eerie, several large buildings with not another person in site. There is also one extremely large building at the end of a very blocked off several mile road. Perhaps theres more urinals like this in the other buildings in the compound, if I return I'll be sure to get pictures.This bathroom was very well built, all the electrical hardware is explosion proof and very heavy duty. An interesting note, the Crane floor type urinal has no evidence of a flush mechanism, yet theres clear evidence that water once flowed through it."