The Urinals of Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park "preserves much of Mount Desert Island, and associated smaller islands, off the Atlantic coast of Maine." It is located near the town of Bar Harbor, ME

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"The area includes mountains, an ocean shoreline, woodlands, and lakes. In addition to Mount Desert Island, the park comprises much of the Isle au Haut, a small island to the southwest of Mount Desert Island and parts of Baker Island, also nearby. A portion of Schoodic Peninsula on the mainland is also part of the park. In total, Acadia National Park consists of 30,300 acres (47 square miles or 123 km²) on Mount Desert Island, 2,728 acres (4.6 square miles or 11 km²) on Isle au Haut and 2,266 acres (3.5 square miles or 9.2 km²) on the Schoodic Peninsula."

Acadia's other claim to fame is the tallest mountain on the East Coast of the Americas, north of Brazil - Cadillac Mountain. It stands 1530 feet tall.