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Looking for a start-up adventure? Urinal Dot Net is the leading gallery of urinal photos and directory of online urinal-related resources on the internet today. We are rapidly hiring talented people to bring the latest and greatest urinal information to the web.

Opportunities (San Francisco Bay Area)


Network Operations Lead/Manager
Senior Operations Analysts
Junior Operations Analysts
System Administration/Network Specialists
HCI Engineer
Systems/Software Engineers
Software Test Engineers
Project Managers
Senior Technical Writer

Urinal Dot Net Summer Internship Program

Engineering Intern
Product Management Intern


Research Scientists


Vice President of Marketing
Director of Marketing
Product Marketing Managers
Public Relations Managers
Graphic Designer


Sales Engineer
Sales Representative
Sales Account Executive
Sales Account Manager
Sales Coordinator/Administrator


Executive Assistant
Finance Manager


Reasons to work at Urinal Dot Net!

  1. Hot technology.
  2. Work with urinals.
  3. Intelligent, fun, talented, hard working, urinal-loving teammates.
  4. Not all that far from the center of the Silicon Valley.
  5. Excellent benefits.
  6. Stock options.
  7. Casual dress atmosphere.
  8. Free snacks and drinks.
  9. An exciting place to work! Your ideas can make a difference.
  10. Millions of people will use and appreciate your urinal information and pictures.

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