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The following release went out on the FlashNews.com news wire on 7/16/01


SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash) -- Three twentysomething guys from San Francisco are lifting the lid on urinals worldwide. The three friends have started a website, urinal.net, which contains pictures of more than 100 urinals from Los Angeles to Hong Kong. Urinal.net co-founder Joe U. Rinator says the idea of an all-urinal website materialized after he and his pals toured Europe and saw many different types of tinkle receptacles. He says the worst urinal he's seen by far is in the Cairo train station thanks to its brown-stained floor and yellow-stained porcelain. Other unique urinals include a 290-foot outdoor trough set up at the New York City Marathon, a urinal for women in a Florida Dairy Queen and the urinals at London's Millennium Dome, which resemble wide silver tubes.

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